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Slip & Fall Injury

When a person suffers a slip and fall injury, they often suffer trauma to the bones, joints, muscles and ligaments along with the nervous system from the impact of the fall. This trauma can cause misalignments in the spine and interruptions in the signals within the nervous system.

We as chiropractors work  to treat your injuries by adjusting the spine to correct those misalignments and remove the interference within the nervous system caused by the injuries. Once the interference is removed, the body is then free to heal itself and return to a state of health.

We use a variety of treatment modalities, like physiotherapy and other adjunctive treatments to help you heal from your injuries.

Slip & fall injuries can happen to younger or older people within their own homes or anywhere else.  

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If You Have Been Injured We may be able to Help, Please call us for an appointment.

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